Technology has made our lives easier and in doing so, it has also put many past methods of resource, communications, and everyday tools in the obsolete bin.

I was going through some boxes recently and found a paperback dictionary and thesaurus. I said to my wife, "Does anyone even use these anymore?"

I bought them back in the 1990’s when I started a new job, and needed to proof read letters and understand words. I actually used them quite a bit back then, but as technology advanced, they sat on a shelf in my office and eventually a box in my basement.

I searched the web for an answer to my question and found many teachers still use dictionaries in their classrooms! Some insist students look up word meanings, if they are put on the spot during class time.

However, the majority of this generation wouldn't know a dictionary if it fell on their head, but to be fair, mine is collecting dust too.

I wonder if actual physical books will ever disappear from people’s shelves. With digital readers becoming mainstream for the younger generation, it’s a real possibility.