David Lee Roth has shared a previously unreleased version of Van Halen's smash hit "Panama." It's unclear whether it's a new recording, or if it was pulled from the archives.

The track was uploaded to Roth's YouTube channel yesterday (Sept. 1), and is titled "Roth Lives! Panama - David Lee Roth Studio Live." There aren't any details about the song in the description, so we don't know when it was recorded, or who is even playing on it alongside the vocalist.

"Love it — band's tight, drums are heavy AF — love them harmonized vocals too! Want an album!" one YouTuber wrote in a comment on the song.

"Outstanding Diamond Dave. The band is on point. Daves vocals are as great as ever," added another.

Listen to the track below.

Diamond Dave has been quite busy lately — at the end of July, he shared an acoustic track he'd recorded with guitarist John 5 back in 2007 called "Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway." A few weeks prior, he unveiled a piano song called "Pointing At the Moon."

What many Van Halen fans are hoping to hear soon, though, is a Van Halen tribute concert in honor of the late legend Eddie Van Halen. There've been rumors floating around about a potential tribute tour or show for over a year now. Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted said Alex Van Halen contacted him about doing a tour with Joe Satriani on guitar (which was essentially denied by Roth), Michael Anthony added that he'd also discussed doing something with Van Halen and Roth and then Wolfgang Van Halen revealed that "some people" have been making it "very difficult" to actually set the wheels in motion.

Thus, as it stands, there are no confirmed plans for a Van Halen tribute show, tour or anything, but stay tuned as more of the story unfolds.

David Lee Roth Shares Unreleased Version of Van Halen's 'Panama'

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