According to a (very excited, very big fan of HGTV) Townsquare Media employee, David Bromstad from HGTV was spotted shopping at Target in Vestal on Thursday.

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Bromstad is well known for being the winner of the debut season of HGTV Design Star and now is part of the shows Color Splash, My Lottery Dream Home, and Rock the Block. 

Also, while it's not known if this is related or not, a Southern Tier commercial cleaning group recently posted on Facebook that they're currently contracted to clean filming sets for HGTV crews here in our area! So who knows?

Just emailing Hollywood producers. No big deal. starting a contract with HGTV tomorrow to disinfect all their film sets locally. #crazy

Posted by Tony Pugh on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

While we can't even begin to speculate why Bromstad was at Target in Vestal (or why there are rumblings of HGTV sets and crew in town), we thought that it might be fun to toss out some ideas of places that Bromstad and others from HGTV might like to visit while they're in town doing whatever it is they're up to.

Where To Get the Best Food in Binghamton

Have you really visited the Southern Tier if you've not had a spiedie? We think not!  You'll find a delectable hunk of marinated meat on a slice of the best bread you'll ever taste at  Lupo's S & S Char Pit, 6 W State Street in Binghamton, or at  Spiedie & Rib Pit, 1274 Upper, Front Street.

If you're looking for something else that's really unique, definitely grab a breakfast pizza from Nirchis. Everyone around here considers breakfast pizza a treat. You'll find Nirchis at 219 Main Street, 166 Water Street, or at 954 Upper, Front Street. See other Nirchis locations here. 

If you want a killer milkshake (with or without booze) to wash down your food, check out Craft at 135 Washington Street.

Where To Go for the Best Architecture/Spook in Binghamton

The Roberson Museum offers a two-fer. The Roberson used to be someone's home (and the architecture is stunning), but now it's a museum and science center. Rumor has it the spirit of the former owner still roams at night. The Roberson is located at 30 Front Street.

Where To See the Most Unique Piece of Art in Binghamton

We can promise you that you will never see anything like what we've got on display outside the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier located at 60 Morgan Road. There used to be a steakhouse in Vestal but when it went out of business, the ginormous bull that sat on the roof was homeless...until he ended up at the Discovery Center where he was given a makeover. Mr. Bull is now pink, covered in painted flowers, and sports lipstick.

Where To See a Herschell Carousel in Binghamton

Binghamton is the Carousel Capital of the world and we are lucky enough to have a couple of beautifully restored Herschell carousels. You won't be able to ride them because of COVID, but you can peek at them in all of their glory at Recreation Park at Beethoven Street and Seminary Avenue or at the Ross Park Zoo which is located at 44 Morgan Road. See other locations here.

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