Just days after announcing he would allow golf courses remain open, Governor Andrew Cuomo has declare golf courses non-essential and has ordered them to close according to many news sources.
According to WBNG, the governor ordered that all golf courses in New York State most close until at least Wednesday April 29th.

Earlier this week, golf courses were allowed to remain open as long as they followed certain safety procedures. That including one person per cart unless both golfers resided in the same household, that all golfers practice social distancing of at least 6 ft apart from each other, along with a few other restrictions.

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I'm not sure why Cuomo changed his mind, but I'm guessing he gave in to pressure being applied from people saying golf courses are not an essential business.

If health experts deemed golf course courses should close, I'm okay with that. Although I must admit it saddens me  because I was looking forward to getting out of the house, enjoying some fresh air, and getting some exercise.

I feel bad for people who got laid off due to the Coronavirus and spend their days at home. I know a few that were looking forward to getting out and golfing as well.

Introspect saving lives is obviously more important that golf. Besides we had to wait six and a half months for golf season to return, I guess we can wait another three weeks, especially if the health experts think it’s the best thing to do.
I’ll see on the golf course on May 1 st., maybe sooner if the governor changes his mind again tomorrow.

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[via WBNG]

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