First, their parents force them to play a sport that requires running for long distances. That's it. You run. Hopefully faster than all of the other people that are running. Then, nature busts in the door, like “yeah, dude... that was not a very good idea.” All he wanted was a cool letterman jacket from his school with a sport on the back so that he wouldn’t be sitting alone at lunch, or going to dances all by his lonesome. I mean, seriously, who really wants to run? Running in other sports is just a way to get from point A to point B. I'm not out there drinking fake beer or liquor, because it tastes like garbage and won't even get my tipsy. So, guess what? I’m not running unless I could score somehow, or end up looking like a handsome beast to the ladies. What I'm trying to say, is... I feel bad for this kid. He got straight up destroyed!