The Associated Press reports the U.S. Justice Department is sending some states letters saying it has decided not to open an investigation into whether they violated federal law by ordering nursing homes to accept residents who had been treated for COVID-19 in a hospital.

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Getty Images/Heiko119

A letter July 22 to officials in Pennsylvania comes 11 months after the agency told the governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and New York that it wanted information to determine whether orders there may have resulted in the deaths of nursing home residents.

Michigan received an identical letter Thursday.

The orders by the four governors were criticized for potentially fueling the spread of the virus.

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In Pennsylvania and New York officials have maintained it is far from clear that the policy led to an outbreak or death.

The nursing home death and infection rate issue in New York State is among the concerns of the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The Democrat, who is currently under investigation over allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, has also been accused of intentionally misreporting the COVID-19 fatalities in nursing homes and congregate care facilities throughout the state as family members were prohibited from visiting their loved ones during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Some families have also complained that they were also denied other contact, information and input when it came to the care of their loved ones.

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