Irishman Vs. Irishman. UFC Featherweight Champion Vs. talk show host. Conan Vs. Conor, the most anticipated fight since never. Conan O'Brien occasionally puts on a segment called the "Clueless Gamer" on Conan. The bout was certainly not a victory by any means for O’Brien, but it was for the viewing audience!

Conan’s lack of video game and fighting skills in general shined through as he took on McGregor in EA Sports' UFC 2, and it didn’t end well for our funny friend. 

Despite Conan's people taking advantage of the game’s "create-a-fighter" feature, and making a fighter that looked exactly like Conan, it definitely didn’t help. Like, at all. McGregor demolished the video game O’Brien with ease, but not as easily as he would in real life!

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