It seems not everyone is all that concerned by below freezing temperatures as evidenced by an unusual sight in Westover while temperatures were in the teens on January 11.

Cold temperatures continue to be a concern for advocates for the homeless who are working with area shelters and hotels to find temporary warm quarters for those in need.

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Another night below freezing on January 11-12 meant Operation Code Blue was in place with shelters making accommodations for additional people.  There have been no reports of authorities responding to any cold-related health emergencies over the past two nights.

Conditions will be moderating over the next couple days before plummeting into the deep freeze again for the weekend.

K.B. Grey/Townsquare Binghamton photo
K.B. Grey/Townsquare Binghamton photo

Meanwhile, temperatures in the teens January 11 weren’t a deterrent for some hardy souls out for a spectacular view on a sunny afternoon.  A hot air balloon was spotted floating over the Oakdale Mall at around quarter of four in the afternoon.

Bear in mind, hot air balloons are carried with the wind, so wind chill is not an issue and there may be some heat for those in the basket coming from the burner.  The cost of fueling a ride is lower than in warm weather as well since it takes less hot air to get a lift in cold air temperatures.

Still, it must not have been very comfortable unpacking and filling the balloon envelope prior to take-off and packing the aircraft after it landed.

The Wind Chill values through the day on January 11 ranged from zero to about 15 below.

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