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In 1975
J. Geils Band played a concert in Detroit which would become part of the group's live album "Blow Your Face Out."

Ahhhhhh.... The J. Geils Band. I cut my teath on these guys, when it comes to Rock N Roll. THEY ROCK!

Most people only know them from their 'Flamethrower,' LP back in the 80's, and all the crazy videos.  Oh no-no-no....

The J. Geils Band is much more than bubble gum rock, 'Centerfold,' and 'Freezeframe!'
The band started as an acoustic blues trio in the mid 1960s, with vocalist and guitarist John Geils, bassist Danny Klein (Dr. Funk) and harmonica player Richard Salwitz (stage name Magic Dick).

The band formed under the name 'Snoopy and the Sopwith Camels', while Geils was attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a couple of semesters. In 1967, the band switched focus, starting to play electric guitar and bass and recruiting drummer Stephen Jo Bladd and fast-talking ex-disc jockey singer Peter Wolf, born Peter Blankenfeld, (originally from the Bronx ) and later, both from Boston. They became the J. Geils Blues Band, later dropping the word "Blues" from the band name. The following year, former fan Seth Justman joined as an organist.

I was first introduced to the J. Geils Band in 1973, when my brother, Rob brought home their 'Bloodshot,' album.

Bloodshot is their fourth album. And it kicked ASS! It was the breakthrough release for the band, reaching #10 on the Billboard album charts in North America - a peak that the band would not surpass until their 1981 multi-platinum album Freeze Frame.

Original pressings of Bloodshot were issued using red vinyl instead of the customary black, and utilized matching red 1950's style Atlantic Records labels.  It was the coolest thing I had ever seen, up to that point.
The track listing, includes an awesome array of real rock, like..
"(Ain't Nothin' But a) Houseparty" (Del Sharh, Joseph Thomas) - 4:43
"Make up Your Mind" - 3:31
"Back to Get Ya" - 5:22
"Struttin' With My Baby" - 3:16
"Don't Try to Hide It" - 2:45
"Southside Shuffle" - 3:43
"Hold Your Loving" (Bernice Snelson, Titus Turner) - 2:30
"Start All Over Again" - 4:15
"Give It to Me" - 6:32

My favorites were the first and last tracks on the LP.

I hate to say the band sold out for the video crazy, but a lot of bands did and they made some serious money doing it. I guess that's what it's all about...

Anyway, I lost that red vinyl album, so if you were over to my house between 1973 and 1978, can you please bring it back.... I's like to listen to it please.

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