Christine McVie said she felt she was “too old” to tour with Fleetwood Mac again.

The singer and keyboardist, 77, also expressed doubt that singer Stevie Nicks and bassist John McVie would agree to take part in any post-coronavirus road trip, although she was sure drummer Mick Fleetwood would sign up.

“That’s an impossible question to even answer,” McVie said when asked about a future tour on BBC Radio 2 recently. “If we do, it would be without John and without Stevie, I think. I think I’m getting a bit too old for it now – especially having had a year off. I don’t know if I could get myself back into it again.”

While she didn’t offer her thoughts on why Nicks might refuse, she said ex-husband John is "feeling a little bit frail. He’s fine, but he just hasn’t got the heart for it anymore. He wants to get on his boat. … You reach a certain age where you go, ‘Hey, I’m not going to bust a gut doing this any more.”

She noted that "it all looks very nice when you come and see the show, but the work that goes behind it to get to that point is unbelievable. ... I know Mick would do it in a lightning strike, but I couldn’t possibly say. … We’re certainly not touring this year either.”

Fleetwood Mac revamped their lineup in 2018 by adding Mike Campbell and Neil Finn as replacement for Lindsey Buckingham, who’d recently been fired. Speaking in November 2020, Campbell said he expected to record an album with his new bandmates and was surprised to find himself hitting the road with them instead. “At the end of that tour, we were all pretty tired: You know, we went around the world once or twice," he recalled.

"So, we had a meeting and everybody said, ‘Let's take a couple of years off and relax and do other things, and see how we feel in a couple of years. And if everybody is engaged. … We'll reconvene and see what we can do. So, it's up in the air.”


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