The comic strip "B.C.", which was created by Southern Tier native Johnny Hart, has undergone a couple of changes that you may have recently noticed.

The characters "Cute Chick" and "Fat Broad" have had name changes.  "Cute Chick" is now named Grace and "Fat Broad" is now named Jane.

In a press release from John Hart Studios, Inc. Patti Hart, Johnny Hart's daughter, says:

"Our family has always had a deep desire to give these two women names.  It's not about political correctness or to placate any social pressure, it's simply something we've always wanted to do.  Here's to Grace and Jane!"

WNBF News Photo/Courtesy 'B.C.' creators
WNBF News Photo/Courtesy 'B.C.' creators

Mason Mastroianni, Johnny Hart's grandson and B.C.'s cartoonist added:

"Since my grandfather's death we've strived to be culturally inclusive and preserve the timeless appeal of the strip by focusing on universal human themes.  We're all in this together and we want B.C. to connect with every audience."

Both Patti and Mason joined WNBF's Roger Neel on Binghamton Now last week to talk about the new names.  B.C. is in the process of becoming a feature-length animated movie as well.


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