Law enforcement officials are investigating a crash involving a passenger car and a construction vehicle in the City of Binghamton in an active construction area early on June 21.

City of Binghamton Police, as well as other first responders, including an ambulance squad, were called to the Exit 4 on ramp to the Brandywine Highway at Route 7 (Brandywine Avenue) at around 3:33 a.m. Tuesday with the report of a car colliding with a vehicle owned by a private contractor working in the area of Interstate 81 North and Route 7.


There has been night-time work on I81 and New York State Route 17 between the Town of Dickinson and the City of Binghamton for several weeks and the region is often brightly lit between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. by construction illumination towers.

Law enforcement sources have not indicated if the ramp area where the collision occurred was lit at the time or if crews were outside the vehicle doing any construction work.

There had been an initial report of a woman trapped in the private vehicle but, when police arrived on the scene, they reported she was out and walking around.

A passenger in the car was taken to a hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries while others were evaluated at the scene.

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No details were given as to the nature of the female passenger's injuries or to what hospital she was taken.

A portion of Route 7 and the ramp was blocked by emergency responders for about an hour and a half.

Officials have not commented on a possible cause.

Motorists are reminded to be cautious when approaching construction zones, even at night.  Several projects, including a bridge replacement on Route 11 (Front Street) over I81 in the Town of Dickinson, are being conducted in the overnight hours and require lane closures and possible detours.

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