There have been several reports of candy being tampered with in Upstate New York. Thankfully we haven't found any reports of candy being tampered with in the Binghamton area.

But police are advising parents to check all their candy before allowing them to enjoy it. In the Albany area, according to WRGB the Hoosick Falls Police Department reported that one child bit into a Mounds candy bar and found a sewing needle inside.. In Oswego County, according to WODZ-FM, there was a report of DOTS candy boxes that were filled with rocks.

We are not trying to alarm people, nor are we trying to scare people away from trick-or-treating, we just want the kids to be safe.

Let's face it, there are some sick people out there that have no regards for other peoples well being. Someone would really have to be warped to place a needle in a chocolate bar. I personally hope they can track the person responsible down and make an example of out them so this disgusting behavior will end.

Again, so far to the best of our knowledge, there haven't been any reports of candy being tampered with in the Greater Binghamton area. But, make you you examine your kids candy closely, just in case.

[via WRGB / WODZ-FM]

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