Looking back at my school days, I remember my days at Calvin Coolidge Elementary School on Robinson Street in Binghamton.

We moved around a lot in my preschool days and I remember attending a few different schools in kindergarten.

When I was going into first grade we moved to the east side of Binghamton and I remember my first days at Calvin Coolidge

My teachers name was Mrs Brooks and I remember we had to put these duck wings on our backs and quack like a duck, I also remember sitting in a circle with our chairs and story time.

My second grade teacher was Mrs Sigler, I don't remember much about her or second grade.

Third grade was Mrs Macy, I do remember she was nice and one of my favorite teachers in that school.

Fourth Grade was Mrs Zalkin, the one thing I remember the day she told me there was no Santa Claus, I kind of suspected it, but back then kids believed longer, she was also very strict.

My fifth grade teacher was Mrs Jennings, two things always stand out with her, the first was her insistence that we have a good pen like a Papermate brand pen, as opposed to a cheap bic, my mother couldn't afford an expensive pen,. The second memory of her was she refused to sign my class picture when I graduated sixth grade, to this day I never knew why.

My sixth grade teacher was Mr Dickerson, he was a really nice man and we misbehaved terrible in his class, I remember actually finding his name in the phone book some years later and calling him to apologize for my actions.

I don't know if any of these teachers are still alive, if you attended Calvin Coolidge in the 60's and 70's you may remember some of them.

The times have changed and todays classrooms are nothing like they were in my day, but whenever I drive by that school I remember those days, my teachers, childhood friends and many great memories of my time at Calvin Coolidge.