Adam West passed away Friday night, he was 88 years old. West past away after a short battle with cancer. CNN reported on Friday.

I remember as a kid, going home from school, putting on the TV and waiting for Batman to come on. Even though as a kid, you can tell the punches and the kicks were fake, and the pow, ouch, and bang, that would pop up on the screen would make you laugh, it was still a classic battle of good vs evil. Even though I had the hots for Catwoman as a kid, (Julie Newmar was the hottest Catwoman) I still wanted Batman and his trusty helper Robin to prevail.

Over the years, West lent his voice to The Fairly OddParents, The Simpsons, and he played the part of the mayor on Family Guy. He also made guest appearances on a bunch of shows including King Of Queens as well as The Big Ban Theory!

So another part of my childhood is gone, but he was 88, rich, got to touch Julie Newmar in her Catwoman outfit, and he got to drive the Batmobile, all in all, not a bad life.


[via CNN]

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