Why, why. why??? That's what I said out loud this morning as I read the ticker on ESPN. Rex Ryan is rumored to be the Buffalo Bills next head coach. We should hear early in the week.


Why is a team with no quarterback picking a defensive mind, who has proven countless times he can't develop a quarterback, as their head coach?

I love the Bills, but what a stupid move. The defense will be the best in the NFL, but unless they hire an offensive coordinator and let him run that part of the ship, the Bills are in deep trouble.

There is another big problem. Rex's mouth. He is not a fit with the fan base at all. They already can't stand him thanks to the countless careless comments he has made in his tenure as head coach of the Jets.

He couldn't get Michael Vick to produce, he blew any chance Geno Smith has of being a very good quarterback and now he gets the chance to do the same to EJ Manuel. Ouch.

Don't do it Bills! Think before you sign him!

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