One of the scariest defenses in the NFL will always be the 1985 Chicago Bears, and the mastermind behind it was Buddy Ryan.

I'll never forget the first time I saw that 85 Bears team play, smarming mass of black uniforms pushing the opponents back and flattening everything in their way.

I remember when my Giants faced them in the playoffs, we were crushed 21 to nothing.

The following week the Bears did the same thing to the LA Rams shutting them out 24-0.

The 1985 Chicago Bears amazing defense shut out their play off opponents and went on to maul the New England Patriots in the Superbowl with a 46-10 victory.

I never thought the 85 Bears offense was that great, Jim McMahon was a mediocre quarterback, but they had the great Walter Payton as their running back.

Buddy Ryan was not a conventional coach, which is what may him a stand out.

Buddy told his defense to go and get the quarterback, he would say they are overrated and arrogant, and can't throw a pass or hand off, if they're laying on their back.

Buddy left for Philadelphia the next year and brought his smash mouth play to the East.

I remember the play against the Cowboys (see video below) the Eagles had the game one with seconds remaining and Randall Cunningham, faked taking a knee and throw it towards the end zone which resulted in a pass interference call on Dallas.

Buddy also put out a bounty on the Cowboys kicker knocking him around and causing the poor guy to walk on the wrong side of the field.

Buddy was fired from the eagles in 1991 and went on to coach at Houston and Arizona.

Ryan, who also won a Super Bowl as a member of the New York Jets coaching staff, coached in the NFL for a total of 35 seasons.

Both his sons Rob and Rex Ryan are coaches in the NFL.