Bruce Kulick is bringing his Kiss Kruise band to Las Vegas for their first mainland show.

The group, which also features singer and guitarist Todd Kerns, drummer Brent Fitz and bassist and singer Zach Throne, will perform songs from Kulick's '80s and '90s Kiss era on Dec. 30, 2021, at Count's Vamp'd. Tickets are on sale now through EventBrite.

Kulick and the band are fresh off two shows aboard the 10th edition of the Kiss Kruise. Their sets have become highlights of the annual voyage, spotlighting an often overlooked phase of Kiss' career. This year's shows included extended tributes to Bruce's late brother, Bob Kulick, and former Kiss drummer Eric Carr.

"I am definitely glowing with pride over what me and my band put together, and I will go on record saying that it's not easy to do that material," Kulick tells UCR. "But I'm always striving to do the work that I know the fans will love. I'm devoted to giving that experience to the fans. Who better to keep the '80s and '90s Kiss alive than me? And that's my goal, and I have the right guys to do it with and certainly enough material to make the fans extremely happy and grateful."

You can watch Kulick's new video of the band performing the Asylum rarity "Radar for Love" - featuring a brief detour into the '70s gem "Makin' Love" - from this year's Kiss Kruise below.

Kulick credits his band for convincing him to tackle '80s Kiss material that he wasn't originally involved with, such as the Lick It Up deep cut "Exciter," which served as the opening number for both of his solo group's Kiss Kruise X shows.

"When it was first brought up to me by Brent, I was kind of like, Wait a minute, I think I know this song, and it's a good one, but what does it have to do with me?" Kulick recalls. "But then I saw the enthusiasm from Todd and Zach, and I thought, Yeah, that would be a strong and surprising opener. I was reading all the fan comments, and when I see them all herald the fact that I'm the one to keep the '80s and '90s alive, then why not go into Lick It Up? Why not look at Creatures of the Night? There's no harm in it, but I certainly don't need to do 'Cold Gin' or 'Detroit Rock City.'"

Although the uncertainty of a COVID-related postponement gave Kulick and the band less time than usual to prepare for their cruise performances this year, he's happy with how things turned out.

"It was a huge reward to actually have the experience and have just enough time with the green light to say, 'This is real now, we gotta get to work,'" he says. "Usually you never think that way, but that's the kind of year this way. I'm so really relieved that the cruise came off and that once again I was able to do what I'm so happy to do for the fans, and I think they appreciate the fact that I work hard to do it."

Details on VIP packages for Kulick's Dec. 30 Las Vegas show will be announced soon at his website.

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