The Whale Time Machine is revved up and ready for travel. Hop in won't you?

This week, we travel back to one of my favorite years - 1973. That was the year I graduated high school, and around this time back then, I was about to embark on my college years. Too bad I spent more time at the campus radio station than in class. Look where that got me.

On September 8th, 1973, the Allam Brothers had an album on the charts titled 'Brothers and Sisters.' It quickly climbed the US album chart and on this date became the number one album in the country.

'Brothers and Sisters held onto that number one position for five weeks. It was the Allman Brothers first and last number one charted album.It contains greats like Jessica, Southbound and Ramblin' Man among others.

For this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, let's look in on a 1979 performance from the Allman Brothers and Jessica, from the Capitol theatre in Passaic, New Jersey.