Broome County Sheriff David Harder and his counterparts around the state are calling for lawmakers in Albany to protect law enforcement personnel and the public. 

Sheriffs July 15 gathered for several news conferences to recommend changes to last year’s bail reforms and other measure that, they say, have been turning dangerous criminals back into the community and have placed police in danger.

Broome County Sheriff David Harder during a radio interview. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News-File)

Harder was visibly frustrated and called out politicians who passed legislation, saying they were weak in caving in to some factions just to "get votes."

The New York State Sheriff’s Association wants making resisting arrest a felony that can’t be diminished n a plea bargain, a felony charge for any person to approach or stay within 25 feet of a police officer doing their job, increasing the seriousness of the assault of a police officer offenses, making harassing a police officer a felony, establishing a felony for aggravated making a false accusation against a police officer and making felonies of stalking an officer or discriminating against an officer or officer’s family members due to the law enforcement official’s job.

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The Association is also recommending passing disability and death benefit legislation.

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