It’s official.  Motorists filling up in Broome County starting in June will be paying no more than three dollars in county tax on gasoline.

The Broome County Legislature April 28 voted unanimously for a temporary gas tax cap to help reign in the sky-rocketing price of fuel through December 1.

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New York State eliminated its tax on gas for the period, which is estimated to save 16-cents a gallon.

Broome officials say, the county cap, that is estimated to save about four-cents a gallon, combined with the state’s tax suspension, could save about 20-cents on each gallon.

Officials point out: the cost of filling up can still go up since governments don’t control the market price of fuel, but they can control how much money is tacked on in local and state taxes.

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The federal government is also looking at measures to control the cost of petroleum.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar (D-Port Dickinson), meanwhile, has said the county has enough money in the budget to pay for the road repairs and other infrastructure projects normally funded through gas tax revenues.

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