Have you ever flown over Broome County and thought to yourself, "Wow, that looks like an elephant! And there's a face! Oh, and a bunny!" Thanks to Google Maps, you can overlook Broome County and take a good look for yourself. Check out some of these interesting shapes we found:


Binghamton University's Brain - Coincidence? I Think Not!

If you try to tell me that the construction workers and designers at Binghamton University didn't mean to do this, I will argue with you! Of course it must be intentional.

Google Maps


Look Out Five Mile Point! Bombs away!

Kind of looks like one of Mario's bombs got loose in Kirkwood.

Google Maps

Elephants in the Hills of Vestal?

Thanks to Choconut Creek, the backbone of this elephant looks really believable.

Google Maps

Emotional Characters Up Above Binghamton's East Side

These random cartoon character heads range from worried, to happy, and surprised!

Google Maps

Really? Another Elephant in Vestal?

Out behind the UPS customer center in Vestal - it's a bird! It's a plane! Nope... it's another elephant??

Google Maps

Do you know of any interesting outlines in the Greater Binghamton area? I'm sure there's a ton out there that I missed. Do you see any?

(via Google Maps)