Albuquerque is not often where one turns for hot breaking movie and television news. But the Albuquerque Journal got a scoop this week when they confirmed, through the New Mexico Film Office, that a movie called Greenbrier is headed into production in the area early next year. Their sources then revealed that Greenbrier is actually a Breaking Bad film. They also report that the film has the logline: “The escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

Following up on their initial story, Variety notes that Breaking Bad series creator Vince Gilligan is working on the project, but “whether it’s destined for multiplexes or television is unclear.” (Given this week’s news that AMC is also working on a series of movies spun off from The Walking Dead, featuring former series star Andrew Lincoln, either seems like a plausible possibility.)

Breaking Bad ended its five-season and 62-episode run on AMC back in 2013. It was followed by the prequel series Better Call Saul, also co-created by Gilligan, and still ongoing on AMC’s airwaves. (Four Better Call Saul seasons have been produced so far, with a fifth on the way.) While it’s not been announced where and how this movie will connect to the rest of this Bad/Saul universe, /Film claims its sources have indicated that this film “will be a sequel set after the events of the series finale, following Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale.”

That would be interesting, although it would also be something very different from Breaking Bad, given that it would, let’s say, preclude other Breaking Bad cast members involvement. Still, with Gilligan involved — and potentially Aaron Paul as well — it would be a must-watch for any Breaking Bad fans.

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