If you are going to see the Sold out Bon Jovi concert, go early.

Bon Jovi will be the musical act Friday August 18th on the McIntosh Sound Stage at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open after round one play is completed. They are expecting a record crowd. So much so they are going to stop traffic going westbound towards the golf course at the corner of Route 26 and Main Street in Endicott at 2 p.m. There will be additional parking located at the old Kmart Plaza in Endicott for $25 but there will be no shuttle buses. You would have to walk from Kmart to En-Joie which is under a mile.

They are suggesting after 2 P.M. that you take RT 17 to Exit 66. Follow signs to RT. 17 C and turn right on to RT 17 C.   You will approach En-Joie from the West.

You might be able to take Church St. to Grippen St.,  but you will have to turn right at the golf course. Church St is very narrow so the traffic on that street is sure to be crazy.

So my suggestion is if you are going to the concert get there early and try and park as close as you can. There will be two lanes of eastbound traffic leaving  En-Joie starting at 2 P.M.

 Share this with your friends that are going to the concert so they are in the know.


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