Blackmore's Night will mark their 20th anniversary as a band with the release of the new double-disc compilation To the Moon and Back: 20 Years and Beyond ...,  which combines previously released material with re-recordings and new songs.

Expected in stores on Aug. 11, and available to pre-order now, To the Moon and Back emphasizes guitarist Ritchie Blackmore's renewed focus on Blackmore's Night after a highly anticipated "return to rock" last year with a rejiggered Rainbow lineup. According to the press release announcing its arrival, the set includes three new songs: the "Pomp and Circumstance" reworking "Land of Hope and Glory," a new version of the Rainbow track "I Surrender" and "Ghost of John," which marks the recorded singing debut of August Blackmore, 6-year-old daughter to Blackmore and Blackmore's Night singer Candice Night.

Additionally, the track listing includes re-recorded versions of the songs “Moonlight Shadow,” “Somewhere Over the Sea,” “Coming Home” and “Writing on the Wall,” and is rounded out by a selection of previously released selections from the catalog, as well as a bonus video featuring footage of the group warming up during soundcheck for a gig. To the Moon and Back's packaging depicts an array of band memorabilia, including concert photos, posters and backstage passes.

"We hope you enjoy this musical journey down memory lane," say Blackmore and Night. "From Shadow of the Moon ... our first release ... through our brand new 2017 versions of old favorites and a new surprise song. Twenty years of memorable music and beyond."

Blackmore's Night, 'To the Moon and Back: 20 Years and Beyond ... ' Track Listing
"Shadow of the Moon"
"Spirit of the Sea"
"Renaissance Faire"
"Play Minstrel Play"
"Under a Violet Moon"
"Spanish Nights"
"Fires at Midnight"
"Ghost of a Rose"
"Village Lanterne"
"The Circle"
"25 Years"
"Dandelion Wine"
"Home Again" (live)
"I Surrender" (bonus track)
"Moonlight Shadow" (2017 version)
"Somewhere Over the Sea" (2017 version)
"Writing on the Wall" (2017 version)
"Coming Home" (2017 version)
"Ghost of John" (bonus track)
"Minstrel Hall"
"Possum Goes to Prague"
"Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus"
"Nur eine Minute"
"Village Dance"
"Land of Hope and Glory" (2017 single version)
Bonus Video

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