Instant lottery tickets are cool. You can buy them for yourself and maybe win a few bucks in seconds. They make great gifts as well; buy some tickets and a card, boom, instant present for any occasion.

Every time I get a card, I look to see what the grand prize is. As I’m scratching, I’m already spending the grand prize in my head. The most I’ve ever won has been $100. on a ticket. My ex-brother-in-law won $500. twice. I know people that have won more so I think I’m due.

All week I’ve been giving away Black and Gold lottery tickets from the New York State Lottery. It’s a cool game because it’s like two in one. You scratch off the front and try and match your numbers with the numbers attached to the dollar amounts. Then, when you are done with that, flip it over and you will notice there is a game on the back. That one, you try and match three like symbols to win money. Top prize is One Million Dollars and you have 18 chances to win. The tickets cost 5 dollars each. You’ll have two more chances today and again on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week, at 7:22 and 8:22 to score the tickets.

If I won a million dollars the first thing I would do is change my underwear. Then, I would give part of it to my siblings, pay off all our bills, give money to a couple of charities, buy a few muscle cars that are in great shape, and then bank some for the future.

What would you do if you won a million? Listen to Freezone in the Morning to win the Black and Gold tickets and maybe find out.

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