Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year -- especially for pet owners. People love dressing up their pets. Are you going to dress your pet up in a Halloween costume this year? Admit it, we know you will! We want to put the area's pet costumes on display! So we've joined forces with Creature Comforts a digital pet parade! Now is your chance to show off your pet's costume, and to see the costumes of other animals throughout the Binghamton area.

Scroll down for the simple instructions to submit your photo to the Creature Comforts Pet Parade.

Here are the adorable photos that have already been submitted:

To submit your photos to the pet parade gallery, you can use Instagram OR submit your photos below using our form.

To use Instagram your photos, just use the hashtag #CCPetParade to be entered.

 Make sure your Instagram privacy sharing settings are set to public or we will not receive your entry. Need help making that change? It’s easy. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device, and click on the profile icon (it’s located in the far right and looks like a card). Then click edit profile, and scroll down to make sure the setting that says “Posts Are Private” is disabled.

Or you can use this form below to send us your photo:

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