You know I must be getting older when I start reminiscing about things or places from our area that no longer exist. But, that's not to say it can't be a fun journey. So let's take in a few blasts from the past.

Do you remember the Innsbruck USA ski area? It was opened in 1965,  located in the Town of Binghamton. Maybe you spent some time learning and enjoying skiing at Innsbruck USA back in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Press and Sun-Bulletin ran a great ' then and now'  article back in March of 2018 about the ski area. Innsbruck USA ceased to operate in 1979 for many reasons including financial troubles. The former ski area is now the Aqua-Terra Wilderness Area run by the Broome County Parks Department.

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How about those long-gone bars we used to spend a good amount of time at? One that comes to mind where I used to frequent a lot, was Popeyes in the Northgate Plaza, off Upper Front Street, Binghamton. We used to do a lot of radio promotions there and saw a lot of local and regional bands rock the crowd every weekend.

How about the weekend trips we used to make to the video store to get the latest movie release to watch on a Friday or Saturday night? There were many Video King stores in our area, one that was most likely not far from where you lived, that is unless you lived out in the country. While it's certainly easier and more convenient to watch a movie from a cable or streaming pay service, I think it was more fun to take the trek to the local video store.

And finally, I miss the local drive-in theaters. The V Drive-In off the Vestal Parkway where the Townsquare Mall now sits, and of course the Airport Drive-In, where we used to do discount movie nights from time to time. We had fun mingling with listeners before the movie began.

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. Sounds like a line from an old song.

via Broome County Parks Department, Press & Sun-Bulletin

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