French Fries. Everyone (well, almost everyone) likes them. And of course, we all have our favorite style and shape. There certainly is no lack of that.

I'm always in search of the perfect french fry. The one that just is out of this world. For me, it's got to be skin on, steak-cut, just the right amount of salt, and piping hot right out of the fryer. I am not a fan of luke-warm or cold fries. Yea, I might burn the roof of my mouth, but that's how it's done, just like a hot New York-style pizza.

If you've ever been to Ocean City, MD and tried Thrasher's Fries on the boardwalk, you will know exactly what I mean. Oh, and no ketchup either. Even though I like to dip fries in ketchup, these kind of fries only need a few dashes of vinegar.

What kind of french fries are your favorite?  So many types of fries - shoe-string, crinkle-cut, steak-cut, curly, chili-cheese, sweet potato and waffle-style. Did I miss any? What are your favorite type of fries, and where do you do to get them? Maybe your own are your favorite? Let me know!