If you have ever gone to the Binghamton All Siders Festival, you know what a great community event it was. It featured free music, free admission, and even free food, and it was held every year at recreation park in Binghamton until last year when it moved to another location.

One of the original organizers of that event was a man named Dean De Falco. His vision was to put on a festival where people from Binghamton would gather, regardless of whether they were from the north side, south side, east side, or west side, and enjoy a peaceful stress free day, in one of Binghamton's beautiful parks.

Dean also used the event to feed the hungry in the area. Food was available to everyone that showed up to the event, but people that could afford to do so, we're asked to bring at least one non-perishable food item to be donated to CHOW, to help the hungry here in Broome County. That was the kind of g Dean was. He was always looking to help somebody.

If people where in need, they would turn to Dean knowing that he would use his connections to try and get them help. Dean had been struggling with health issues over the last few months, and he passed away on Thursday.

As someone who has spoken to Dean many times, including helping to promote the All Siders event, I can truly say that he has helped hundreds of people, and that he will be missed.

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