Remember the blizzard a few weeks back and all the backbreaking shoveling and snow-blowing that came with it? Well, this makes it all worth it, NOT!


We have just learned that Binghamton has won the coveted Golden Snow Ball award. It's an award that is given to the major city in Upstate New York that has the most snowfall during the winter season. I thought it was a statue of a dog peeing in the snow.


Syracuse usually wins this award, but this year Binghamton kicked their butts. We beat them by a whopping three-tenths of an inch. Binghamton finished with 135.2 inches, and Syracuse came in second with 134.9


They last year Binghamton won this amazing award was during the 1982/1983 winter season.


I don't know about you, but I hope we never win this award again. Syracuse, you can have it.


Here is a video I shot during the blizzard. It's downtown Binghamton at noon on a weekday and there are only like six people total downtown.


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