Despite what your personal feelings are about Binghamton University, you can't deny that it is a huge part of our local community. In the past, the school has had a bit of a reputation of being a party school. It even ranked as one of the top college parties you must go to before you graduate a couple years ago.

We decided to look into where the school ranks now and came across some very interesting statistics.  is a website founded by Carnegie Mellon University students aimed at helping to make the huge decision of selecting a school easier by providing students and parents with as much information about schools and their surrounding areas as possible.

Overall, gave Binghamton University a B+. They break the ranking down even further into sub-categories like academics, party scene, drug safety, and even the attractiveness of the student population.

There are quite a few A's on Binghamton University's report card for things like academics, campus food and housing, the party scene, diversity, and transportation. There were also a few B's for Greek life, campus quality, off-campus dining, and health & safety. Sadly, there were also a couple C's and they were for some pretty important things like athletics (What?! Go Bearcats!), the local area, and drug safety.

At the time this ranking was created, Binghamton University averaged 7 per 1000 drug-related arrests and students gave the school an overall score of 2.9 out of 5 on a drug and alcohol safety survey (based on 100 survey responses), which contributes the most to the drug safety ranking.


The athletics rankings are based on things like number of football national championships, men's and women's basketball championships, other sports national championships, percentages of men and women in varsity sports, and revenue brought in by the athletic department as well as a student survey where students gave the athletics department and overall score of 3.2 out of 5 (based on 207 survey responses).

It's probably fair to say that although some of these scores are pretty spot on, others are probably not all that close to the truth given the small sample size for the student surveys versus the size of the overall student population.

Do you think the rankings are right or would you score the school differently?


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