Binghamton Restaurant Week, 2016 Spring edition is on now through April 14th at several amazing places to eat in Binghamton! The idea is to create awareness of our area restaurants and the good food they offer. You may not have yet tried these establishments, so its always a good thing to give them a try. You may find your next favorite place to eat!

We have been fortunate to be invited to try out a few of the restaurants on the house, and I chose a place I've never been before - Binghamton Hots. It's basically a 2 minute walk from The Whale over to the Washington Street restaurant. I need to get out more during lunch and discover what Downtown Binghamton offers!

The lunch at Binghamton Hots consists of three courses. I chose the Pear, Pecan Candied, Gorgonzola Salad, followed by the Bourbon BBQ and Bacon Burger, and topped it all off with the Carrot Cake Roll with Cream Cheese Frosting. The salad was delicious, just he right serving size and amount of dressing for my tastes. The BBQ Burger was served medium just as I'd asked, with a tasty BBQ flavor along with crispy bacon. Loved it. And to fill me up, the Carrot Cake Roll hit the spot. All in all, a great lunch from Binghamton Hots.

I don't eat alone, so I invited the Headmaster of The Whale's website - Bridget, to accompany me. It was a very quick 'Yes" response. Her correct title is Digital Managing Editor. She is the person responsible for ripping apart all our blogs before they get on the website, because we have a tough time stringing two words together in a written sentence.

Her lunch included the salad, Pulled Pork Sandwich and Lemon Lush Cupcake for dessert. Bridget mentioned something about wanting to swim in the fries since they were so delicious. Whatever floats your boat, right?

Check out Binghamton Restaurant Week now through April 14th, and enjoy!