Rarely do we see local mentions or local people on game shows or reality shows. Why is that? Yes, I know there are a lot of people who apply to get on these shows, but you would think the odds would be in our favor once in a while.

After a long, exhaustive search (ok, I clicked one time on a site) it turns out the Binghamton area has had mentions and contestants on at least one game show - Jeopardy. According to J! Archive, there were two questions about the Binghamton area and two players either from Binghamton or went to school in Binghamton.

The questions:

1. Under 'Bing' for $2000 -  "It's the State University of New York campus that fits the category. The answer - Binghamton.

2. Under 'When They Were in College' for $200' - "A music major at SUNY-Binghamton, he later co-wrote the theme song for his TV series Mad About You."  The answer - Paul Reiser.

If you're a fan of Jeopardy, you might want to check the website J! Archive.

Also, while not listed just yet on the J! Archive, and while not necessarily a "Binghamton" question, one of our local claims to fame also made it on Jeopardy with this question:

Q. There were more than 200 million live views online during the 16-month pregnancy of April, one of these. The answer? A giraffe. As in April the giraffe from Animal Adventure Park.

[via J! Archive]

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