There is something about having pride in your school. For me, I'll always be a Northeast Panther. If you've ever heard Josh Turner's song, Hometown Girl, you know that there is a line in the song that says "Went to high school here, got that Panther pride."

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Whenever I play that song, I text a friend of mine with just two words, "Panther Pride." For a moment, I go back in time when life seemed so much simpler. These days, I'm a basketball official and I've been a referee for over 25 years.

I've been to every high school, middle school, and elementary gym in the Southern Tier are and I could give you a story from every school. The coaches, game-site administrators, and "energetic fans" and the (mostly) great memories at every site.

NO, I won't tell you the places that have disappointed me but if you've attended many games throughout our area, you probably know the places that I'm talking about. One of my favorite places to officiate is Binghamton City High School.

John Lawrence on the microphone, keeping the fans engaged gives it a big-time feel. I also like their patriotic nickname, Binghamton Patriot. The mascot's name is Patrick and he wears a tri-cornered hat.

Recently they decided to have a Binghamton Central School District (BCSD) Logo Contest. They wanted to give their old Patriot a GLOW UP and they asked students to come up with a new image.

Binghamton Patriot Artwork Contest

The contest is open to all BCSD students, staff, and alumni and was scheduled to end in December. They decided to extend the contest, so if you are interested (and eligible), you can still enter.

The idea behind it is to let everyone know what it means to be a Binghamton Patriot and demonstrate their pride in the school. They'll take the top three submissions and they will be voted on by the BCSD community.

So in the near future, when you attend a basketball, football, or any other athletic event at Binghamton, you will see a change in their Patriot...and the new pride that it'll bring.

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