With temperatures not expected to rise above freezing anytime soon, municipal officials are telling residents and businesses to take steps to prevent frozen and bursting pipes.

Unoccupied space should still be kept at a temperature no lower than 55 and residents should open cupboard doors where there are pipes mounted near an outside wall to allow the room temperature to keep the pipes from freezing. If there are pipes located in a garage, the garage door should be kept closed.  For inside plumbing, residents can let the cold water drip from faucets served by exposed pipes.  Thermostats should be at the same temperature both day and night instead of being dropped back at night.  Officials say while that may cost a little more on the energy bill, it’s much cheaper than paying to repair burst pipes.

The City of Binghamton Public Works department is available to answer questions.  To reach dispatchers, call (607) 772-7020.

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