Do you ever find yourself stopping? Just stopping and looking around and wondering what exactly it is you're doing with your life?

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I've found myself doing that many times and each time, I come to the same conclusion, "I have no clue." I have so many dreams for my life and so many places I want to explore and while I know I'm still young at nearly 41, I can't stop my mind from wandering to all of the what-ifs.

I have a fantastic life, really. I'm married to a man who isn't just my best friend, but also my partner. I have a child I adore who I was told I would never be able to have. I live in an amazing house in an incredibly beautiful rural community. I have the love of family and friends and a really fantastic job.

Even though I seem to have it all, I want a less hectic life. I want to stop feeling like I am running all the time. I want to stop taking on so much responsibility to please others. I want more time with my husband and son. I want to explore and I want to toss away the binds that tie me.

I've often dreamed of what it would be like to sell everything and simplify by living in an RV or a converted bus. My grandparents sold most of their possessions, bought an RV, and traveled the world in it, and were so, so happy.

Jake Steven Woodruff and Hannah Lindow of the Binghamton area bought an old school bus and have turned it into a cozy home. Luckily for us, Jake has shared the journey through photos posted on Facebook. I love what they're doing and wanted to show you that it isn't just something from the movies, it's possible in real life!

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