Billy Idol reflected on his 1990 motorcycle accident, in which he came close to losing a leg.

The incident derailed his fledgling movie career – he’d been lined up to star in Terminator 2: Judgment Day as the T-1000 cyborg, eventually played by Robert Patrick.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Idol said the life-changing moment was the subject of last year’s song "Bitter Taste." “It’s me reflecting back on this accident: Was it something terrible, or was it something really good, where I took stock of everything and started to realize that I had to take control of myself in terms of the drug addiction?” he said.

“And I did start, but I didn’t really start to gradually pull back until ’93 or ’94. It took me a long time to come to terms with the drug addiction, to get it under control and get a sense of discipline, because there was no real control. Nowadays, I’ve taken back control and I’m much happier because I’m back to being me.”

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Idol said his fast rise to fame via MTV was part of the reason he turned to drugs. “Suddenly everybody knew who you were,” he remembered. “And that’s a little weird. When I came to New York, I’d walk around and only the few people who were into punk rock knew who I was. Now, suddenly, everybody did. And it was a big change that was really hard to deal with because it cut off your freedom. I started to live in tiny little rooms because when you walked outside you walked into a world of mayhem. And it drives you a little nuts. So you start overloading on drugs. Because what else is there to do? So that was a problem.”

While he did appear in the 1991 movie The Doors, it wasn’t quite as planned. “I originally had a good part, Michael Madsen’s part, but I had that motorcycle accident,” he said. “I probably should have got into acting a lot more, but it took me a long time to get control of myself in terms of drug addiction.”

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