By now you've heard about the cancellation of "Roseanne" due to the racial tweets that she sent out last week. "Roseanne" was rebooted this year and ABC was airing it on Tuesday nights. For the last two years, Fox has been running the television version of "Lethal Weapon". I started watching "Lethal Weapon" from week one and I enjoyed the show tremendously. Just like any action movie or TV show, there were times where I would shake my head and say 'that would never happen in real life'. But with that being said, I still watched it every week. When ABC decided to reboot "Roseanne" I would DVR both shows and watch them one right after the other. The new version of "Roseanne" was funny even though people debated whether or not it's as good as the original. To me, it didn't really matter. It would still make me laugh and it was better most of the TV shows nowadays like; "The Bachelor", or "Survivor", or "Big Brother" all of which, in my humble opinion, are crap. Lethal Weapon also had some funny moments even though it was more of an action show. Actors Cayne Crawford (who played Martin Riggs) and Damon Wayans (who played Roger Murtaugh) had such great chemistry on camera. Off camera, I guess that was not the case.

I just saw an article this week that blew my mind stating that Wayans and Crawford didn't get along at all in real life. The article on talks about how Clayne Crawford was written out of the show because of his outburst on set as well as his rocky relationship with Wayans. Variety also posted audio of the two of them bickering back and forth and it got pretty nasty. At one point you can hear Crawford asking Wayans, how it feels to be in the game just because of his brothers? Wayans responded by telling Crawford to go f *#% himself a few times. Things got so bad that they apparently had security guards on set at all times in case things turned physical. So much for that great chemistry.
According to the article, Crawford has been replaced with Seann William Scott. Fox has picked "Lethal Weapon" up for a third season starting this fall. I will give it a chance, but I think Crawford made that TV show. One thing for sure, Tuesday night TV will have a much different look this fall.

To hear Wayans and Crawford going at each other, click on the Variety website.

[via Variety]

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