Do you find yourself constantly checking out Facebook and other online sites to get the latest dirt on celebrities, the presidential candidates, and other shady facts?

A recent study found a lot of the information you read is not all fact and much of it contains information that can be very misleading.

I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even though we all know there is an issue with those emails, and Mr. Trump is not completely innocent of sexual harassment.

Much of the stories you read on Facebook contain about half of the story and a mixture of false information to make up the rest.

Many of the other facts you find on the web are not even close to the truth, unfortunately, these stories seem to get the most hits.

The final week of the most controversial election in history is here and you are seeing a lot of things that are true, your best bet is to fact check this for yourself .

If you search for the facts you will get enough to know what you should believe and what you should not.

The study also suggests that you don't repost stories that you can't back up it just makes you part of the problem and the people who are putting these fibs out there are happy to have you buy into them.

This will also make you look dumb and gullible and people will call you out on it and make you look even more foolish.

One rule if it sounds too crazy or made up it most likely is.

Both wings exaggerate a little on facts, the study says 20% to 40% and other sites are 100% false.

Read carefully and always check the facts before you make an assumption.