Oh those weekend theme meetings that Jim Free and I go through every week (sometimes with guest brainstormer Doug Mosher) are some of the strangest things I've ever been a part of.

Every week, we try to come up with a fun theme that at the same time makes sense, and will contain enough Classic Rock tunes to get through two days worth of awesomeness. Sometimes, it's a hit and sometimes it's a trainwreck, so we just have to make fun of ourselves.

At times when we are having trouble coming up with a theme, I have suggested we back off on the beverages being consumed so what's left of our brain cells can continue to process sane thoughts, but am quickly shot down on that idea. Hey, at least I tried.

This week, we had no trouble coming up with a Best Rock Guitarists Weekend. Whew! Basically, you will get to enjoy double shots throughout the weekend featuring bands (and solo artists) who can really wail on the guitar. Enjoy!

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