This is basically the adult version of a kids' treehouse with a "No Girls Allowed" sign outside of it.

The website Mantripping polled 500 people to find out their ideal mancation, i.e., a vacation for a group of men. The site chose "six of the top mancation types that come up regularly on [the] site," so participants were spoon-fed options.

So, what's the big winner? A trip to Vegas? Carousing around New Orleans? Running amok in Bangkok? No, an Alaskan cruise took the top spot, with more than a quarter of respondents selecting that. Yeah, we're surprised, too.

Top Mancations

  • Alaskan Cruise - Land and Sea Tour - 26.4%
  • Golf Trip to a Florida Beach Resort - 18.3%
  • Road Trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail - 16.8%
  • Ski Trip to Lake Tahoe - 16.8%
  • Sport Fishing Trip to Puerto Vallarta - 12.6%
  • Montana Dude Ranch Adventure - 9.1%

What do you think? Does this list look on target or are there too many other fun possibilities that you'd rather do?

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