It's playoff season! For fans of football it's the most wonderful time of the year. While my favorite pro team didn't get in, I will root for that team based in Western New York, because they deserve to get back to the big game after few decades of disappointment including losing the big game four times in a row.

But before the pro football playoffs begin, how about having some fun and have a playoff with football-style foods? One of my co-workers (we'll call him 'David') came up with a small bracket of these types of foods and asked me to decide what foods move on to the the next round and into the championship.

Well, I love all the types of food 'David' chose, so the decisions with each bracket wasn't easy, but I had to press on and make some tough decisions. So check out the bracket below and tell me if I made the right choices, and if the champion was the correct one. Well, those choices were my choice and my taste in food, which are not exactly the best. Of course, none of these foods re exactly what you would call healthy foods.

So, this is how it played out...
In first round action, Wings advanced over Spring Rolls. Not a fan of spring rolls.
Also, Spiedies won out over Nachos. I do love a plate of nachos though, especially topped with seafood. Pizza won out over chips, and burgers over tacos, completing the first round. I can take or leave tacos. Chose this time to leave them on the plate.

The second round proved to be a bit tougher. I love garlic wings, but I have to give the edge to Spiedies. Especially love a Spiedie sub with melted cheese and mushrooms. Pizza versus a burger? A medium well burger with bacon, cheese, caramelized onions, catsup and mayo is just the ticket for me, but I've still got to go with a piping hot sausage and pepperoni pizza. Or plain works too.

And to the championship round between Spiedies and pizza. I know Spiedies are our local delicacy, but my all time favorite food really is pizza. I enjoy most types of pizza, especially with extra cheese and plenty of meat choices. Just leave the anchovies and pineapple stuff off my pizza, please.

And there you have it. Pizza is the king of football food in my opinion. If you disagree with my choices, what foods from each bracket would you choose to advance?

Football Food Bracket
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