It's 2021. One question that keeps me awake at night (okay, not really) is, (and it's because I have no idea how the world of cellular phone service works), why isn't the entire country completely covered with mobile phone coverage?

Is it because covering areas that are more remote not worth the cost to install all that's required to make it work? Possibly. I know cellular tower range only goes so far. What about using the technology of satellites? Would that take care of those areas where there are just a few residential areas or none at all?

It would be a lifesaver if for example you are hiking in a wooded area and become lost. With cellular coverage available everywhere, it wouldn't be an issue to call for help. Before I decided to purchase a seasonal site at a campground in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, I had to know if cell service was available.

It is, but just barely. I need to be able to connect with The Whale at any time, and if I can't, it's a problem. I almost gave up the opportunity to camp at a place I really like because of lack of cellular service.

When I decided to go with cellular service a couple of decades ago, I chose the one that had the most coverage, and more importantly, the more coverage of areas you would most likely find me in. Compare Cellular does a nice job providing cell phone coverage map comparisons and advice. Depending on your cellular coverage needs, check out the maps below from three area mobile phone carriers to help determine what works best for you.

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via Compare Cellular

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