If you spent your Super Bowl Halftime watching Maroon 5, it’s your own fault. Plenty of other options were readily available, like the Kitty Halftime Show or WWE’s Halftime Heat. However, some were privy to Halftime’s greatest entertainment event of the night — a basement Orcumentary gig via Facebook Live.

How’s it possible that one man with a keyboard and microphone, playing to less than 100 people, can deliver a more impassioned and energetic performance than Maroon 5 performing for 100 million viewers?

“Make some noise if you hate Maroon 5!,” Orc Adams screamed to his online audience. The orc-obsessed metal warrior made fans wait for the first couple minutes of his stream, but after the two-minute mark, the entire performance was flawless.

Adams thanked the dozens of viewers undoubtedly moshing at home while crushing tracks like “Orc Rock Anthem,” “Blood” and “Goblin Death March.” Plus, unlike the NFL’s original YouTube upload of Maroon 5’s Halftime Show, Orc Adams managed to keep his video and audio in sync! What more could you ask for?

Check out Orcumentary’s goblin-smashing stream in the clip above.

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