The 'B.C.' comic strip, which was created by Johnny Hart back in 1953, might be made into an animated film. Hart, who also created 'The Wizard of Id' with Brant Parker, was born in Endicott in 1931 and passed away in 2007. Since then, his grandsons Mason and Mick Mastroianni have taken over the drawing and writing of 'B.C.' The Press & Sun-Bulletin is reporting that the animation company Parallax Media Ventures is working on developing the comic strip into a feature-length film.

According to The Press & Sun-Bulletin, the movie will be entitled "B.C.; Back to Civilization" and could hit theaters in early 2021. The movie could do very well considering that the 'B.C'. comic strip has run for 60 years and still appears in more than 800 North American newspapers reaching more than 64.4 million readers, not to mention an online audience worldwide.

Growing up in the Scranton area, 'B.C.' and 'The Wizard of Id' were always in our papers. They were two of a handful of comic strips that I would read a couple of times a week. I didn't realize until I started working here in Binghamton that Johnny Hart was from this area. As time went on, I met Johnny and continued to run into him at different local events over the years. Johnny was a great guy and always donated his time and talent to those in need in the Binghamton Area. Whether it was donating the actual original drawings of his comic strips to be raffled off to help raise money for charities or creating logos for organizations in our area, Johnny was always helping those in need in the Broome County area. BC Transit, Broome County Meals on Wheels, Broome County Parks, The Broome County Celtic Pipe and Drums, and The Southern Tier Red Cross, all still use logos created by him. Not to mention the BC Open (the PGA event that was held at En-Joie from 1971 to 2006), The Broome Dusters, and the B. C, Icemen, all used Johnny Hart logos in the past.

I think it's awesome that his grandsons keep his legacy alive and I hope the movie becomes a reality, then a whole new generation of B.C fans can enjoy all of Johnny's characters that we have enjoyed all our lives.

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