March was mainly mild, we sat out on our porches, we walked outside, we brought our summer vehicles out of storage, and then old man winter punked us!

We woke up Monday morning to some of the worst traveling conditions we've experienced on our morning commute this winter.

The average snowfall for Greater Binghamton in April is 4.3 inches at an average of 3.4 days, that's more than Buffalo which only averages 2.7 inches in April at an average of 3.1 days.

The total snow fall for April is 7.8 inches, the total snowfall from October through January is 13.5 inches, which is more snow fall then October through December combined (3.3inches)

We have had a few April blizzards worth mentioning including in 1982 and 2003, with five to ten inches in various regions of the state.

The average high temperature in April is 54 degrees, the low around 36 degrees.

We usually get some late season snow around a week before or after Saint Patricks Day, but this year most of us barely brushed off our vehicles, until yesterday.

Temperatures will remain unseasonable lower today with highs reaching around 30 degrees.

And so we put our spring rejuvenation on hold for a few more days.

Keep your shovels, brushes and ice melt handy in case April is not done with winter.