They say April showers bring May flowers. But for our area, the last day of April could bring something else.  According to the National Weather Service, we could see some minor flooding of streams and rivers Thursday night into Friday.

With all the rain we received on Sunday and the little bit we had yesterday, along with the rain they're expecting tomorrow and heavy rain on Thursday, could result in some streams overflowing and some minor flooding with the rivers in the Binghamton Area.

With the slow moving storm system that is coming our way, people that live near streams need to keep your eye on water levels in the area.  The heavy rain could cause flooding of under passes and cause puddles to form on the roads.

Remember, never drive through standing water on the road. You can't tell how deep the water is and it can really damage your car as well.

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According to the National Weather Service, we should see rain after 2 p.m. Wednesday and then rain throughout the day Thursday with rain and thunderstorms possible Thursday night. There's also a 60% chance of more rain on Friday and Friday night.

Again, they aren't expecting any major flooding at this time, but if we learned anything from the flooding in 2011, you just never know when a storm system will stall over one area.

Keep listening to the Whale and we will keep you posted on any watches and warning if they are issued.

Stay safe.

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