While we're focused on pictures of empty shelves and toilet paper hoarding, the coronavirus is quietly bringing out the best in people - even at the grocery store.

The very best of humanity was on display at the Wegman's grocery store in Cicero, NY.

Jacqueline Penizotto says she went to the grocery store to do her weekly shopping, which included 2 cartons of eggs - which happened to be the last in the store. "I proceeded to go get some eggs and only two were left. I had both in my hand and a woman was standing behind me waiting to do the same. I looked at her and said, “here take one of these”. I handed her one of the cartons and she said, “are you sure”? “Absolutely!” Jacquline replied.

Jacqueling says she continued shopping, and saw the woman again while they were both checking out, in the line next to hers.

"I got up to the credit card machine and used my Apple pay. I started fixing my bags, when the cashier told me my total, I said "it’s credit please." She said, “I have to cancel the transaction”. I looked at her and just said, “excuse me”? She pulled out $100 bill and said, “the woman in the other line wanted to pay for your groceries”.

Jacqueline was stunned. "I had no words, I was shaking, got goosebumps, started getting tears in my eyes, and just looked at the lady behind me. She was in shock too. She said, “Wow, you only see these things on TV." I walked out to the parking lot as fast as i could to thank her with tears rolling down my face, but I couldn’t find her."

Not only did it make my morning, but it leads me to believe all is not lost in the world! All over a carton of eggs.

Jacqueline says she hopes we all learn a little something from her experience, and that's to be kind to strangers, especially now.

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