This past weekend was a busy one for me. We held our annual Binghamton's Largest Garage and Craft Sale. I must admit, it was bigger than the last one we held in the spring.

Thanks to all the vendors and those who stopped into the Oakdale Mall to check out a lot of cool stuff to buy, and say hi to us!

After we torn down and headed out, I decided to spend the rest of the weekend at camp. With a good portion of Saturday left and all of Sunday, and the fact that camping season is quickly coming to an end, I didn't want to miss out on sitting around a warm campfire on a cool night, listening to friends I only see 5 months of the year during camping season talk about their lives.

It takes me about an hour to get to the campground in the Endless Mountains pf Pennsylvania, and about three-quarters of the way into my trip, I realized my cell phone was missing. That's when I began to panic.

First, where did i set it down? Did it drop out of my pocket? It's expensive to replace. Did I lay it down on a table at home and forget to take it with me? Good answers. Once I settled into the camper, I came to the realization that over the next two days. I will be without a phone. No calling, texting, e-mails, apps, etc.

For two days, I would have to look up instead of staring endlessly into a 2 by 5 inch screen. Oh the sheer terror? What if a co-worker or a family member needed to contact me. What would they do? Should I drive an hour home and back just to retrieve a cell phone?

The first thing I mentioned after inviting myself to a neighbors campfire was that I was without phone. No one seemed to care, much less concerned. Am I so dependent on this overpriced piece of electronic machinery, that my world would crumble if I were to lost it?

Long story short (oh wait, it already is long), I made it through the weekend with the slight exception that my internet was down at home, so I couldn't get online (and that's a story for another time.) I found the cell phone tucked away in the pocket of the jeans I had shed in my haste to grab a pair of shorts and high tail it to the campground.

The moral of the story is, we can live without our cell phones for a short amount of time after all. Or maybe not.


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